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South Korean AI-powered edge platform recognizes faces and situations

South Korean AI-powered edge platform recognizes faces and situations

South Korean researchers have developed a new face biometrics system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) via edge computing capabilities to recognize faces and determine situations.

The new networking platform uses edge computing to increase data transfer speeds between nodes and reduce risks traditionally associated with sending large amounts of data through cloud servers that have high risks of being hacked.

The facial recognition and environmental analysis solution was spotted by Aju Business Daily and was reportedly created to automatically request emergency service or police support, without the need for human interaction.

The system was demonstrated by the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) using the Korea Advanced Research Network (KOREN).

According to ETRI, the AI technology monitored situations on an individual basis using a camera, as well as collecting and distributing data before sending it to the main server.

The Institute said the prototype is already capable of detecting a missing person among a crowd with facial recognition, or detecting a person smoking inside a no-smoking zone.

It is also capable of providing tailored services according to different situations. For instance, it may recognize a visually impaired person or someone with hearing problems, and use AI to provide necessary information using texts or sound.

“New business models can be created based on this smart edge network platform as it can quickly and effectively deliver data to where it is needed using smart edge computing and networking technologies,” said ETRI’s network research lab head Kim Sun-mi in a recent statement.

The new edge platform has voice recognition capabilities too, and according to Sun-mi, may become a key player in the post-pandemic world to provide services with innovative forms of user experiences.

South Korea is often at the forefront of biometric and edge development. Earlier this year, HGC Global Communications Limited renewed its 5G edge computing efforts in the country.

More recently, the country’s Jeju Island announced a new smart city project, which will feature FacePhi’s facial recognition technologies.

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