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Snowflake adopts platform to streamline its sales demonstrations

Snowflake adopts platform to streamline its sales demonstrations, a company specializing in data management and cloud computing solutions, announced that Snowflake, a cloud-based data warehousing company, has adopted its platform to improve sales demonstration processes. According to, this integration is expected to enhance operation efficiency and lower costs associated with sales activities at Snowflake.

“Snowflake’s collaboration with will enhance the efficiency, productivity, and value our Sales Engineers bring to our selling efficiency,” says Eve Besant, senior vice president of worldwide sales engineering at Snowflake.

The platform provides a comprehensive solution to configure, build, test, and deploy data projects specifically for sales demonstration purposes. Key features of this platform include one-click deployment, effective lifecycle management, declarative infrastructure management, and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) orchestration.

In traditional database object management (DataOps), a procedural method is used where operations follow a sequential, step-by-step process. This approach often leads to errors due to its reliance on the successful execution of previous steps and the current state of the database.

On the other hand,’s SOLE (Script Once, Leverage Everywhere) adopts a declarative methodology for defining Snowflake objects. Rather than specifying a series of operations, this declarative approach focuses on defining the desired final state of the database objects.

“As the platform to support the Snowflake Solution Center, we look forward to helping them enhance the efficiency and productivity of their solution selling process and drive real value on a daily basis,” says Justin Mullen, co-founder and chief executive officer at

Mullen emphasized the existing long-standing collaboration with Snowflake, tracing back to 2017. He also pointed out that this relationship was further strengthened when Snowflake Ventures invested in in 2021.

In line with their collaboration, it is expected that around 750 Snowflake software engineers will receive training on the platform. The solution has also been through extensive testing by a core team of sales engineers across the globe, mentions.

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