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Siemens, AWS collaborate to simplify connecting edge devices to the cloud

Siemens, AWS collaborate to simplify connecting edge devices to the cloud

Siemens and Amazon Web Services have teamed up to streamline the convergence of Information Technology and Operational Technology within industrial settings. The collaboration is made possible by the integration of AWS IoT SiteWise Edge into the Siemens Industrial Edge Marketplace. The company says its customers can deploy the AWS service on Siemens Industrial Edge, providing a centralized management platform for applications and devices.

The integration also simplifies the process of connecting edge devices to the cloud, reducing the time required to transfer data to the cloud and enabling the use of various AWS services for data and workflow management. The solution effectively addresses issues in the industry where IoT projects often fail to achieve expected returns due to the heterogeneous nature of OT and IT systems.

“The addition of AWS IoT SiteWise Edge to our Industrial Edge Marketplace creates new opportunities to deploy edge and cloud applications at scale and manage closed-loop automation workflows,” says Rainer Brehm, chief executive officer of factory automation at Siemens.

The solution offers a wide range of industrial connectivity options, giving users the flexibility to connect and collect data from industrial equipment and sensors, regardless of the communication protocol they use.

Furthermore, customers can store and manage their industrial data effectively, according to the company, and users have the opportunity to leverage advanced analytics and visualization tools to gain valuable  insights from their data.

Siemens highlights the importance of leveraging data from Industrial IoT sources to improve industrial operations. According to Siemens, AWS IoT SiteWise Edge equips businesses with the necessary tools and capabilities to increase production efficiencies. Analyzing IoT data provides companies with improved control over their manufacturing operations.

“Our customers are constantly facing new challenges to boost productivity, flexibility, and sustainability across their production processes. To help them, Siemens is expanding its traditional strong OT portfolio by integrating IT and software capabilities into automation with Industrial Operations X,” Brehm continues.

Festo has recently become a part of the Siemens Industrial Edge Ecosystem, opening up a new avenue for sales to industrial clients. They have introduced AX Data Access, a connectivity solution that enables customers to leverage data analysis, and it’s now available on the Siemens Industrial Edge Marketplace.

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