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Scaleway debuts its RISC-V servers into the cloud sphere

Scaleway debuts its RISC-V servers into the cloud sphere

Scaleway, a European cloud provider, introduces new RISC-V servers. The company says the EM-RV1 servers from Scaleway’s Paris labs are the result of extensive research and development. The  RISC-V servers housed in 3D-printed casings are accessible in the cloud.

According to the company, RISC-V, an open CPU architecture, is set to lead the way as countries strive for semiconductor self-sufficiency.

“The launch of RISC-V servers is a concrete and direct statement by Scaleway to boost an ecosystem where technological sovereignty is open to all, from the lowest level upwards,” notes Sébastien Luttringer, Scaleway‘s R&D director.

RISC-V stands for Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC), with the “V” referring to its fifth version. The technology is gaining popularity across industries due to its license-free implementation. It further challenges proprietary architectures like ARM and x86 in the computing landscape.

Instruction Set Architectures like RISC-V focus on simple and efficient instruction execution. This approach streamlines chip design, reduces complexity and optimizes hardware-software interactions.

Sébastien Luttringer, Scaleway’s R&D director, sees RISC-V servers as a step towards promoting tech independence from the ground up.

“This bold, visionary initiative in an emerging market opens up new prospects for all players,” Luttringer continues.

Scaleway notes it is introducing RISC-V servers to boost app development and support European microprocessor innovation. The company says switching to RISC-V technology promotes energy efficiency and sustainable data center solutions, aligning with Scaleway’s sustainability goals.

RISC-V architecture shows promising high-performance levels with its modern open design, Scaleway notes. Damien Lucas, the CEP from Scaleway, highlights how RISC-V servers offer new opportunities for customers seeking sovereignty, efficiency and sustainability.

“This innovation is a further step towards our vision of an independent and competitive European cloud,” adds Lucas.

The servers, featuring the T-HEAD TH1520 System on Chip (SoC), 16GB RAM and 128GB storage, are priced at €15.99 per month.

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