Scale Computing, Wasabi Technologies enable hybrid cloud storage for edge computing

Scale Computing, Wasabi Technologies enable hybrid cloud storage for edge computing

Scale Computing, a provider of edge computing, virtualization, and hyper-converged solutions, has collaborated with Wasabi Technologies to provide reliable and efficient storage management solutions for hybrid cloud storage. The partnership aims to allow enterprises to deploy and manage edge locations with cloud-like orchestration. As part of the collaboration, Wasabi provides low-cost cloud storage for the data collection on Scale Computing’s IT infrastructure software platform.

Enterprise customers that have edge computing solutions running on Scale Computing’s IT infrastructure can use additional data storage options specific to the organization’s budget. The partnership will provide easy access to the edge data with faster upload time and faster downloads without any extra fees or API requests, the companies said.

“This partnership empowers enterprises to run their business-critical applications on Scale Computing alongside the cost-effective public cloud offering from Wasabi. As an enterprise grows, the new solution offers capacity scalability, plus the performance benefits of a hybrid cloud,” said Scott Mann, VP of sales, RoW and global channel chief at Scale Computing.

According to Scale Computing, existing storage management solutions for hybrid/multi-cloud environments have huge costs associated with data retention. But with the growing demands for computer vision systems and complex AI surveillance workloads, enterprises have started to require storage solutions that offer more capacity while delivering high performance. This integration will enable businesses to deploy applications on-premises or in the cloud, reducing cloud storage cost and complexity, executives say.

“By combining industry-leading, on-premises edge computing with easy-to-use cloud data retention and archival, we’re creating the ideal, agile hybrid cloud environment that today’s organizations need. Wasabi’s solution is 80 percent less expensive and is faster than first-generation cloud vendors, while Scale Computing has a strong reputation for delivering results to leading businesses around the world. We’re thrilled to be partnering with them,” said David Boland, VP of cloud strategy at Wasabi Technologies.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is designed in a way that it eliminates the storage tiers introduced by the cloud storage providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. The Wasabi cloud storage solution uses one tier for all size needs and provides tailored plans with different performance characteristics, price points and SLAs.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage comes with “enterprise-grade” security features that are available in several U.S. and European data centers with public and private network connectivity to locations across the globe. For enterprises with existing infrastructure, Wasabi is AWS S3 bit-compatible, so businesses do not have to change S3-compatible applications when using Wasabi.

Scale Computing recently partnered with Servix to accelerate the deployment of hyper-converged infrastructure solutions in the Brazilian IT market. The collaboration aims to deliver reliable and affordable technology leveraging Scale Computing’s HC3 virtualization platform. Scale Computing has already announced the addition of a Fleet Manager, a cloud-hosted monitoring and management tool for edge computing and information technology infrastructure.

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