Scale Computing announces zero-touch provisioning feature for Fleet Manager

Scale Computing announces zero-touch provisioning feature for Fleet Manager

Scale Computing, an edge computing, virtualization and hyperconverged solution provider, has announced their zero-touch provisioning feature for its fleet manager. This technology allows administrators to configure clusters of edge computing infrastructure centrally in SC//Fleet Manager before nodes arrive on-premises. The company says it decreases installation time by up to 90 percent.

“Intel is proud to have SC//Fleet Manager with ZTP on the Intel NUC Enterprise Edge Computing product, which minimizes the disruption of installing new infrastructure for edge computing, allowing for the fastest time from pilot to production,” says Brian McCarson, the vice president and general manager, NUC Group at Intel Corporation.

Scale Computing’s ZTP solution enables users to remotely deploy clusters at scale without needing expensive IT personnel or a complicated hosting/networking setup. The software serial number is auto-filled, and nodes and cluster initialization information are presented on a single page, minimizing typos and inconsistencies. As a result, time/productivity savings are achieved, the company says.

“Our new SC//Fleet Manager gives users the ability to see and manage their entire fleet from an intuitive cloud-based console at,” explains Scott Loughmiller, the chief product officer and co-founder of Scale Computing. “The innovative ZTP feature eliminates the need for technical staffing at the edge and will prove indispensable for edge computing deployments, especially those that need to deploy at scale with speed.”

According to Scale Computing, its centralized pre-configuration allows users to stage their clusters in preparation for site installation. Customers with air-gapped environments can also use the secure ‘One-Touch Provisioning’ option via USB, ideal for those working with integrators or in highly secured sites.

Scale Computing also announced its SC//HyperCore Ansible Collection for integration with the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. By using SC//HyperCore clusters as Infrastructure as Code (IaC), customers of SC//HyperCore can easily streamline routine application deployment and maintenance tasks, the company says. This product integration allows users to specify the desired end state of their infrastructure and workloads and automatically modify the environment to achieve that end state.

“Integrating SC//HyperCore with the Red Hat Ansible Automation platform is another step in Scale Computing providing simple, secure, efficient, and highly available IT infrastructure at the edge, in the data center, and on-premises,” states Loughmiller.

Scale Computing announced and demonstrated its technology at the first-ever Edge Field Day event produced by Gestalt IT, a content marketing company. This event features networking, compute, security, storage, cloud and edge computing companies. The event will be streamed live on and recordings will be made available after Feb 23rd on YouTube.

“We have been working with Scale Computing for years, and computing at the edge is a perfect fit for their technology,” explains Stephen Foskett, the founder of Gestalt IT and Tech Field Day.

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