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Retrocausal promises increased manufacturing efficiency and profitability, secures $3.4 million of funding

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Retrocausal promises increased manufacturing efficiency and profitability, secures $3.4 million of funding

Retrocausal, a manufacturing process management platform provider, has launched LeanGPT, a specialized foundation model for manufacturing. In short, the company is leaning in to the generative AI trend, but instead of focusing on general knowledge like ChatGPT seeks to focus on surfacing domain-specific knowledge.

Retrocausal also launched its first LeanGPT application called Kaizen Copilot. The application helps industrial engineers in designing and continuously improving manufacturing assembly processes. It also integrates Lean Six Sigma and Toyota Production Systems principles.

“Using our new LeanGPT-powered Kaizen Copilot application with our Pathfinder floor analytics platform gives IE’s all the information they need to excel in their roles,” says Dr. Zeeshan Zia, the CEO of Retrocausal.

This solution integrates information from Retrocausal’s computer vision and IoT-based floor analytics platform called Pathfinder. It also allows for secure connections to an organization’s existing knowledge bases.

Retrocausal notes that industrial engineers are crucial to optimizing manufacturing processes and realizing greater efficiency, adaptability and sustainability. However, they often face challenges such as workload, knowledge sharing and post-Kaizen analysis which can limit productivity and profitability.

Kaizen Copilot is a tablet application that can autonomously access the Retrocausal Pathfinder analytic platform. This tool can access an organization’s internal knowledge bases and uncover valuable information by connecting to it directly or refining its proprietary LeanGPT models.

Retrocausal is testing its solutions with Fortune 500 companies in various industries, including automotive, appliances, medical devices and electronics. As a result, the company claims to have seen a 20 percent increase in first-time yields, a 75 percent decrease in scrap costs caused by assembly mistakes and a 44 percent reduction in operator training times.

Dr. Zeeshan Zia adds, “Instead of starting a new assembly line at 65 percent yield, IEs can now obtain concrete guidance on how to push the yield to 95 percent from day one. A Kaizen event performed at one station will automatically trigger notifications to relevant processes across an organization’s factories.”

Retrocausal recently secured $3.4 million from Glasswing Ventures, Differential Ventures, Incubate Fund US, Argon Ventures, Ascend Ventures Vietnam and Hypertherm Ventures. Additionally, the company opened a new office in Dallas, TX and announced joint projects with Honda and Siemens Digital Industries.

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