Red Hat refines edge portfolio with OpenShift updates

Red Hat refines edge portfolio with OpenShift updates

IBM’s Red Hat put out some updates to its OpenShift platform that are primarily aimed at customers wanting to deploy containers in edge and remote locations.

OpenShift 4.9 introduces single-node OpenShift, which puts worker and control capabilities into one server. That means there is less need to rely on a centralized Kubernetes control plane, and Red Hat says it will enable users to overcome the challenge of deploying hardware in confined spaces or in places where network connectivity may be intermittent.

The company also updated Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management. The new features include Edge Management at scale which gives users the ability to manage nearly 2,000 single-node OpenShift clusters and Zero Touch Provisioning which allows customers to simplify high scale cluster deployments with an assisted installer. The updated Red Hat ACM gives users a consistent view of Kubernetes clusters whether the deployment sits at the edge on-premise or in a public cloud.

Lastly, Red Hat introduced validated patterns to simplify building a full edge stack, by defining building and verifying software configurations. This means vendors can deliver stacks as code.


The flexibility of containers means that they are the engineer’s first choice for green site deployments at the edge. For legacy or pre-existing deployments, the options might be different, but Red Hat knows it has to make deployment at the edge at scale feasible and easily executable to maintain its lead in the container software market.

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