Real-time analytics for 5G drives Ori Industries’ partnership with LatenceTech

Real-time analytics for 5G drives Ori Industries’ partnership with LatenceTech

Ori Industries will incorporate the 5G network analytics and edge insights of LatenceTech for an edge-native solution that allows network owners to manage, analyze, and improve latency private networks for edge deployments.

In a blog post on The Edgehog Portal by Melissa Doré, vice president of partnerships at Ori Industries, Doré writes that LatenceTech offers tracking of ultra-low latency behaviors through edge insights and data analytics to detect anomalies, analyze variations, and acquire the intelligence to enhance private and 5G networks. With the data gained from LatenceTech, Ori Industries says it will help improve network speed and latency and the quality of service, increase real-time analytics of quality of experience, optimize networks globally, and decrease mobile data usage with predictive network analytics.

Doré adds that LatenceTech utilizes edge compute capabilities with analytics with artificial intelligence and machine learning models to identify the ideal locations across distributed networks with the Ori Global Edge platform.

Overall, Doré says LatenceTech will help mobile operators, telecom vendors, and enterprises track, predict and secure the benefits of 5G and private LTE cellular networks. She concludes that the partnership will open the possibility of monetizing low-latency 5G connectivity with tools to monitor contractual commitments related to quality of service.

Low latency is increasingly viewed as a must-have in the edge computing industry. A global survey conducted by analyst firm IDC found that 75 percent of business leaders participating in the survey responded that they needed latency of 5ms or less for edge initiatives.

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