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Quadric, Ams Osram to develop smart sensing solutions for edge-based applications

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Quadric, Ams Osram to develop smart sensing solutions for edge-based applications

Quadric, an edge AI chip provider, has partnered with Ams Osram, an optical solutions provider, to create a smart sensing solution for edge computing applications. The partnership will combine Ams Osram’s Mira family of CMOS sensors and Quadric’s Chimera general-purpose neural processors. Leveraging the power of both their respective strengths, Quadric says it has developed a low-power smart sensing module that combines image capturing and machine learning capabilities.

The Ams Osram Mira220 CMOS image sensor is designed for use in 2D and 3D consumer and industrial machine vision applications. With the intention of further enhancing its sensor and releasing versions with higher resolutions, Quadric is integrating future models of its CMOS sensors with a range of computing power from 1 to 16 TOPs in its Chimera processor lineup. Both companies showcased this sensing module at CES 2023.

The company says that the Mira CMOS image sensor family provides maximum resolution in a compact form factor while minimizing power consumption. By incorporating new modules within the Mira family, the company says it can provide a broad selection of resolutions that cater to different applications needing high performance and energy efficiency.

“The combination of Ams Osram’s sensors and Quadric’s processing into a single low-power module opens up vast new possibilities for the deployment of smart vision sensing,” said Joost Seijnaeve, the vice president and general manager of CMOS Image Sensors for Ams Osram.

The Quadric Chimera general-purpose neural processor has a unified hardware and software architecture optimized for on-device AI computing. This architecture enables the processor to execute matrix and vector operations, as well as scalar code within a single execution pipeline. The processor’s design combines a neural processor, digital signal processor and real-time CPU into an individual programmable core. This means that it is exceptionally proficient in dealing with multiple tasks, the company says.

“Quadric is excited to be joining forces with Ams Osram,” said Veer Kheterpal, the CEO at Quadric. “Empowering device makers with the capability for a fully-programmable smart sensing device at incredibly low power levels will open a vast new tranche of deployments of machine learning in edge devices.”

In March of 2022, Quadric raised $21 million in a Series B funding round led by mobility supplier Denso’s NSITEXE subsidiary. The company stated the funding would, among other things, accelerate advancements in its next-generation processor architecture.

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