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Quadric Chimera GPNPU IP core now supports Llama 2 model

Quadric, a provider of edge AI chips, recently revealed that its Chimera general-purpose neural processing unit IP core will now…


Quadric partners with Silicon Catalyst, bringing edge AI chip tech to wider audience

Quadric, a provider of edge AI chips, has joined Silicon Catalyst, an incubator focused on semiconductor solutions, as a new…


Quadric, Ams Osram to develop smart sensing solutions for edge-based applications

Quadric, an edge AI chip provider, has partnered with Ams Osram, an optical solutions provider, to create a smart sensing…


Quadric grabs $21 million to develop the next-generation Quadric architecture for edge AI applications

Quadric, a startup building chips for edge AI, has secured $21 million in Series B funding round led by mobility…

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