Premio unveils new supercapacitor power backup solution for industrial computing workloads

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Premio unveils new supercapacitor power backup solution for industrial computing workloads

Rugged edge and embedded computing tech provider Premio Inc. has launched a new industrial-grade supercapacitor power backup solution, the ECO-1000 Series EDGEBoost EnergyPack.

Unveiled at the Pack Expo 2023 in Las Vegas, the ECO-1000 EDGEBoost EnergyPack uses supercapacitor technology to enable configurable power redundancy for mission-critical applications that deploy industrial computers, displays, and panel PCs.

The company says it also empowers automation-focused infrastructure setups with an extra level of power efficiency and redundancy. It has also been designed to provide redundant power to initiate a safe shutdown for data loss prevention and corruption.

Commenting on the launch, Robert Lu, VP of product engineering at Premio, says: “The ECO-1000 EDGEBoost EnergyPack represents a significant leap forward in energy storage technology, offering a robust power backup solution as more mission-critical computing workloads move into edge-native environments.”

“Supercapacitor technology triumphs over traditional batteries in these harsh environments, allowing instantaneous power charge and discharge to protect vital data at the rugged edge, a key requirement for real-time processing.”

The ECO-1000 is available in two configurations, which comes with a choice between 8x (with 100W power output) or 16x (with 200W power output) supercapacitors. It comes as a modular, plug-and-play unit that allows for quick replacement and upgradability to reduce maintenance costs.

The ECO-1000 also has charging options in each configuration to meet several different demands at the rugged edge, and offers 10-year longevity as well as 500,000 charging lifecycles for enhanced durability.

The company says it supports three types of smart power modes for intelligent power management dependent on the requirements of the application: Normal Backup, Ignition Control, and Battery Mode. All three modes provide a method that leverages ignition control, remote power on/off, and electrical sensors to manage redundant power backup solutions for a variety of deployment settings.

“As a leader in rugged and industrial computing design, Premio is committed to ensuring product reliability in the most unstable and harsh environments,” adds Dustin Seetoo, director of product marketing, Premio.

“With our new ECO-1000 EDGEboost EnergyPack power backup solution, we are addressing key computing requirements for even greater data redundancy in mission-critical applications as data is processed in real time at the rugged edge.”

Additionally, users have the ability to streamline their operational processes with an interactive GUI and LCM display module.

Premio’s ECO-1000 has been tested and validated for -25oC to 55oC wide operating temperature, 20G shock resistance, 5G vibration resistance, over voltage/current protection, and reverse protection.

In August 2023, the company’s core series of industrial rugged edge computers achieved UL (Underwriter Laboratories) Listing.

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