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OSS previews new autonomous driving AI storage and server platform

OSS previews new autonomous driving AI storage and server platform

One Stop Systems (OSS) offered details on its ‘Centauri’ rugged storage and server platform for autonomous trucks that can easily swap out memory canisters to make quicker exchanges of data.

OSS describes the Centauri as a PCIe Gen 4 NVMe rugged storage product that offers high capacity in a hot-swappable canister located in a “saddlebag,” an external compartment of a long-haul autonomous truck. The canister stores data acquired from sensors located around the truck, such as LIDAR, radar, and video, to train the self-driving and edge computing capabilities of the autonomous truck.

The company says the Centauri will make for more efficient collection and removal of data to keep the truck on the road as much as possible. Once the truck enters a depot, the crew can swiftly extract the data canister from the saddlebag to be inserted into an OSS SDS compute server to upload to a data center, rather than enter into the truck to remove the compute server. It can be easily re-inserted back to further expedite the process.

The Centauri can store up to 128 terabytes in an eight-drive canister, OSS claims. It is designed to meet MIL-STD-810G ruggedization requirements and sports a 3U form factor, half-rack width, and a 20-inch depth, alongside dynamic fan speed control, a lightweight aluminum enclosure, and IPMI 2.0- based system on dedicated ethernet.

“Unlike autonomous passenger cars, the autonomous truck market is up and running today, driven by strong economic advantages and immediate ROI,” says David Raun, CEO and president of OSS. “We will continue to work closely with our valued partners to continue to define products specific for this large market.”

In 2021, OSS won its first production orders from a self-driving trucking company for its ExpressBox 4400 (EB4400), a ruggedized-edge, transportable system. The company has pushed forward on plans to focus on the “AI Transportables” edge computing market it coined for automated driving solutions on the edge. OSS quotes market research from PitchBook that estimates the overall value of the global market for autonomous trucking will grow from $528 million in 2023 to $166.8 billion in 2035.

OSS says the SDS server is already available and the Centauri is expected to ship products in June 2022.

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