OSS wins deal to supply edge compute to autonomous trucking firm

OSS wins deal to supply edge compute to autonomous trucking firm

High-performance edge computing firm One Stop Systems, Inc. has secured first production orders for a ruggedized-edge, transportable system from a self-driving trucking technology company that utilizes level 4 driving automation.

The company notes in its announcement that the win reflects OSS’ focus on the rapidly developing segment of edge computing market that it calls “AI Transportables,” which is quickly becoming the fastest growing area of its business. The AI Transportables solution for this customer is based on the company’s new ExpressBox 4400 (EB4400), which OSS designed and built to support challenging edge applications like autonomous trucks.

“As our second significant design win for autonomous vehicles, these production orders demonstrate our successful strategy for designing and delivering AI Transportables,” explains OSS president and CEO, David Raun. “OSS has developed a special expertise in this high growth segment of the edge AI market, which we expect to grow from hundreds of millions in 2021 to multiple billions by 2025. Given this large, high-growth opportunity, we will continue to focus on developing and delivering our leading AI Transportable solutions for transportation and other market verticals.”

The company says the EB4400 is ideally suited for such applications, since it can expand a host processor system with up to four of the latest PCI Express Gen 4 datacenter-class GPUs for processing sensor data using AI algorithms, and it is packed with upgrades suitable for the edge.

Such upgrades include a rugged frame-in-frame chassis design with a short 19” depth and hard-point flange mounting system. Also includes a redundant 48 Volt-DC power subsystem, grunge filters on the intake fans, and IPMI system management hardware and software, plus up to 512 gigabits of GPU-to-CPU bandwidth. The system is also software compatible with the company’s full line of AI framework containers.

“This autonomous truck application using our new EB4400 solution highlights our expertise and focus on the AI Transportable segment of high-performance edge computing,” comments Jim Ison, OSS chief sales and marketing officer. “Our solutions cover the entire AI workflow from capturing the data to processing the sensor inputs in real time, but without compromising performance by using the latest available datacenter-class hardware in ruggedized edge environments.”

“For mission-critical applications like self-driving, rugged AI computing is essential to ensure data is processed live and decisions are made instantly,” adds Ison. “The system boasts a perfect safety record after rigorous testing on a long-haul trucking route. We look forward to further assisting with the company’s deployment of its driving technology, as well as enabling others with AI Transportable solutions.”

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