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OSS introduces AI edge compute to the motorsport sector in partnership with Andretti Global

OSS introduces AI edge compute to the motorsport sector in partnership with Andretti Global

One Stop Systems (OSS) has announced it has moved to its first AI transportable compute system for the motorsport industry, Andretti Global.

According to the company, an OSS SDS-3U GPU-accelerated server aims to power advanced AI race analytics for Andretti using Zapata AI’s industrial generative AI platform for the cloud and edge, Orquestra.

The company also notes that today’s high-performance race cars generate more than 1,000 gigabytes of data with every race.

“We chose OSS technology for its capability of processing high volumes of data with datacenter-class compute power in a transportable system that is ruggedized to withstand the harshest racetrack and transportation environments,” says Greg Mosely, VP of strategic partnerships at Andretti Global.

“Being at the forefront of high performance, ruggedized computing systems on the edge has made OSS the clear winner for delivering our specialized AI race analytics at the highest levels of performance and reliability.”

Andretti car sensors collect data that is transmitted from the car to the mobile Zapata AI/Andretti Race Analytics Command Center (RACC) located trackside. The RACC provides a transportable environment where OSS servers can process the collected data and Zapata AI technicians and Andretti engineers can collaborate to create real-time advantages on race day, according to the company.

“This milestone win demonstrates our unique capabilities for powering generative AI technology at the edge,” notes OSS CEO, Mike Knowles.

“We see this new application of our technology leading to other significant opportunities within the fast-growing motorsport space, as well as other domain-specific industrial-scale applications. The win also reflects the many synergies between Zapata AI and OSS, and creates further opportunities to develop customized mobile AI edge solutions for their growing ecosystem of partners and enterprise customers.”

The OSS 3U SDS is powered by two of the latest GPUs and Intel Xeon Silver 4314 series processors. OSS high-speed PCIe Gen 4 switched interconnects are set to transport the sensor data to compute processors for real-time data analysis by the Zapata AI generative AI software.

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