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OSS debuts Gen 5 SDS server at SC23 conference

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OSS debuts Gen 5 SDS server at SC23 conference

One Stop Systems (OSS) has introduced its latest offering, the Gen 5 short-depth server (SDS). The unveiling occurred at SC23, the international high-performance computing conference, in Denver, Colorado.

The OSS Gen 5 SDS has four PCIe Nvidia H100 Tensor Core GPUs and surpasses its Gen 4 predecessors with double the bandwidth. Designed for AI Transportables in edge applications, it caters to the growing demand for advanced capabilities in sensor fusion, signal processing, data acquisition, and autonomous vehicles such as trucks, submarines, aircraft and mobile data centers.

OSS’s new AI Transportables offer data center-class processing, networking, and storage technologies. It meets stringent military-specification requirements for shock, vibration, redundancy, temperature, altitude, and power, according to the company.

According to Mike Knowles, OSS’s president and CEO, the latest OSS Gen 5 SDS server showcases OSS’s ongoing expertise in AI computing and high-speed PCIe interconnect technology.

“We anticipate this hyperconverged data center-class computing server will be highly sought after for demanding rugged edge, real-time AI applications,” he says.

OSS says the Gen 5 SDS is a high-performance server designed for data centers. It can support up to five GPUs, 16  NVMe solid-state storage devices and high-bandwidth PCIe scale-out expansion systems.

The SDS platform provides standard cooling configurations, including air cooling, self-contained liquid cooling, and liquid-assisted external heat exchanger cooling, to meet AI Transportable edge applications’ cooling and power needs.

The Gen 5 SDS offers power options for land, sea, or air operations with vehicle-rated AC and DC inputs.

OSS designs and manufactures rugged compute and storage products for AI, sensor fusion and autonomous capabilities. The company offers a range of compute accelerators, flash storage arrays and storage acceleration software. These products are utilized in various industries, such as autonomous trucking, farming, defense, aircraft, drones, ships and vehicles.

Elsewhere, One Stop Systems won a multi-million-dollar program with Leidos’ Dynetics, a provider of mission-critical solutions for the U.S. government. Under the multi-year program, OSS will provide its transportable compute and storage technology designed to power an emerging specialized mobile AI signal collection application.

Valued at approximately $2.5 million to $3.5 million over the next three years, with an initial award of $500,000, the award is the first multi-year win OSS has secured with this prime contractor.

In September, OSS was entrusted with developing prototypes of a specialized sonar data processing system for a foreign navy’s submarines. This system, utilizing liquid-cooled high-performance computing technology with Gen 4 AMD EPYC CPUs and PCI Express 4.0 GPUs, aims to optimize cooling efficiency and reduce noise in a marine environment. The primary contractor will provide an AI-powered sonar processing application.

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