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OSS commences liquid cooling solution development for its autonomous truck client

OSS commences liquid cooling solution development for its autonomous truck client

One Stop Systems (OSS), known for its rugged high-performance compute (HPC) systems for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and edge sensor processing, has secured an order from an existing customer to develop and produce a new ruggedized liquid cooling system.

According to the company, the system aims to cool self-driving technology in a commercial autonomous truck deployment.

The customer, which OSS has not named, is a subsidiary of a major commercial vehicle manufacturer, and is at the forefront of self-driving technology. OSS reveals that the company is currently working on commercial trucks with Level 4 driving automation. The order, valued at $300,000 for prototypes, marks a significant step for OSS, with shipments expected to commence later this year.

OSS is currently working on designing a cooling solution tailored to compact and rugged high-performance compute systems that will involve integrating a chassis-mounted liquid chiller, coolant pump, and control system firmware to create an active cooling system. Each autonomous truck will incorporate two such systems mounted externally.

Mike Knowles, president and CEO of OSS, expresses enthusiasm for supporting the customer’s commercialization endeavors with their liquid cooling expertise.

“This prototype order has the potential to be a transformative opportunity for OSS as our customer begins to scale production in the coming years,” he adds.

In addition, we believe there are opportunities to expand our relationship further and provide our ruggedized, high-performance compute and data logging systems in addition to our liquid cooling solutions. Based on our customer’s current commercialization plan, we believe this new solution provides OSS with a long-term growth opportunity.”

With an eye on the customer’s commercialization roadmap, OSS sees this project as a gateway to long-term growth, with the company’s focus remaining on delivering effective solutions and fostering lasting partnerships in the evolving landscape of autonomous vehicle technology.

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