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Onteon Tech, join forces to help deploy and manage edge applications

Onteon Tech, join forces to help deploy and manage edge applications

Onteon Tech has announced the availability of its Onteon platform in‘s AppLibrary, allowing users to quickly deploy and manage modern and legacy applications in edge locations.

“We chose the Sunlight AppLibrary for Onteon because we see some real synergies between our companies,” says Łukasz Sadalski, the head of commercial growth and business development at Onteon Tech. “The Onteon and Sunlight solutions both offer a smaller footprint, lower latency and better use of resources than the incumbents in our markets – resulting in better efficiencies and lower costs.”

Onteon is an application deployment, orchestration and management solution that uses the Ansible framework and Sunlight HyperConverged Edge infrastructure to automate the end-to-end process of deploying and managing applications in Linux and Windows environments.

It is available on the Sunlight AppLibrary, allowing enterprises to scale their deployments across distributed environments with centralized management. Onteon has developed a freemium version of its platform that Sunlight clients can use to manage configurations on up to three application nodes.

Sunlight’s chief operating officer Andy Brewerton expresses that managing the edge is increasingly complex. As he explains, “It is all about applications such as AI, computer vision and analytics with big data workloads that need processing close to the source. The need for smaller, low-power devices means there are not a lot of resources for deploying, running, monitoring, orchestrating and managing the applications.”

That’s why offering end-to-end solutions with partners, like Onteon Tech, is key to maximizing Sunlight’s platform and ensures efficient, scalable solutions for our customers, Brewerton adds.

Last month, Sunlight made headlines when they shared that Valedor Partners had joined its Series A investment round with current investors Robert Bosch Venture Capital and OpenOcean. This new funding brings the total amount raised by Sunlight to $20 million. Sunlight said the funds would, for example, expand its US-based business growth and edge-as-a-service infrastructure platform.

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