OnLogic’s IoT Connect Kit: Connect legacy equipment at the edge to AWS cloud in one hour

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OnLogic has unveiled its new Internet of Things (IoT) Connect Kit during a live event the company hosted on November 11th.The new bundled kit contains both software and hardware aimed at enabling facilities to connect their legacy equipment at the edge to AWS cloud services in just one hour.

“To meet evolving standards and production goals, facilities need to connect legacy devices, whether on-premise or in the cloud, to minimize operating costs, asset downtime, and increase efficiency,” said OnLogic Partnerships Lead Carolyn Swan. “However, the first step of digital transformation can seem complex and daunting. The Connect Kit is designed to cut through the complexity and offer a simple solution to leverage business intelligence for cost savings.”

To do so, the hardware of the new kit includes a custom-configured OnLogic Karbon 300 Rugged PC, chosen for its ability to operate in different industrial scenarios thanks to its wide operating temperature range, variable power input, and anti-shock and vibration capabilities.

In addition, the kit comes with included consultation from IIoT implementation expert Cirrus Link Solutions.

OnLogic’s Karbon 300 ruggedized PC
Source: OnLogic

OnLogic said users of the Connect Kit will be able to start data collection via a trial of Inductive Automation’s Ignition software (pre-installed) and then transfer to AWS cloud services without writing any code.

The company also confirmed customers will be able to build and test their deployment without needing to invest in a full Ignition Trial license, instead refreshing the trial software every two hours.

According to the company, the new Connect Kit aims to become a “one box” solution for systems integrators to prove the value of digital transformation to prospective customers around the world.

“The ability to show rapid and reliable value is a requirement of a modern business model,” said Anders Nielsen, OnLogic Business Development Executive. “What better way to win an integration than to prove the real-world value of connecting the customer’s facility in a rapid fashion? While others are still quoting, you can be connecting to the cloud.”

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