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Nokia unveils cloud-native, mission-critical industrial edge solution

Nokia unveils cloud-native, mission-critical industrial edge solution

Nokia has recently announced the availability of MX Industrial Edge, which the company said is a cloud-native, mission-critical industrial edge solution. The offering is designed to enable companies to accelerate their operational technology (OT) digitalization initiatives.

“Industry 4.0 is transforming asset-intensive industries by integrating and digitalizing all processes and systems across the industrial value chain,” said Stephan Litjens, Head of Enterprise Solutions at Nokia.

“This will result in an explosion of data – and taking the right actions based on that data in near real-time will be critical to the success of digital transformation initiatives,” he added.

The two-in-one solution is both a scalable application and a compute platform that Nokia said is ideal for deployment in asset-intensive industries such as manufacturing, energy, and transportation. MX Industrial Edge runs on the Nokia AirFrame Open Edge server, which leverages Intel’s latest CPU for high-capacity processing.

“Ensuring performance, along with aspects like keeping data local and secure while being resilient against internet connectivity failures, are not possible with a centralized cloud, making the on-prem edge the architecture of choice for this new breed of OT applications,” Litjens explained.

The solution combines storage, wired/wireless networking, automated management, and one-click industrial applications into a unified, on-premise OT digital transformation platform.

Nokia used a cloud-native architecture to help unify edge requirements in an easy-to-use, deploy everywhere, as-a-service package. The company said that MX Industrial Edge removes both complexity and economic hurdles typically associated with deployment, integration, and life cycle management of high-performance computing applications.

The solution’s scalability also enables multi-facility enterprises to deploy the same technology in all their locations.

To further facilitate the platform’s deployment and management, MX Industrial Edge is powered by the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (Nokia DAC), as well as compatible with its several applications.

These include High Accuracy Indoor Positioning, Plug and Play private wireless, and Nokia’s alternative private wireless solution, Nokia Modular Private Wireless (MPW).

Furthermore, the MX Industrial Edge also aims to simplify industrial internet of things (IIoT) system integration complexity with its Industrial connectors providing industrial data protocols translation and the Nokia Integrated Operations Center compatibility.

“The Nokia MX Industrial Edge is built from the ground up to deliver the guaranteed performance, security, and reliability that OT digitalization use cases require” Litjens concluded.

MX Industrial Edge is available in flexible consumption-based pricing models, and in a variety of configurations to support industrial deployments on different scales.

The release of the new solution comes weeks after Nokia partnered with Equinix to create a 5G edge application testbed in Dallas, Texas.

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