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Nokia expands industrial edge capabilities with five new applications

Nokia expands industrial edge capabilities with five new applications

Nokia has unveiled five new third-party applications for its MX Industrial Edge platform, in a bid to enhance tracking, positioning, and worker safety capabilities. According to the company, these additions broaden the platform’s utility across diverse indoor and outdoor scenarios, addressing everyday operational needs as well as complex crisis situations.

The new applications cater to different aspects of tracking and positioning. Nordic ID offers a comprehensive RFID solution for precise asset identification and tracking, particularly beneficial in high-velocity supply chains.

HERE HD GNSS service aims to provide accurate outdoor location tracking using Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), suitable for industrial sites. Additionally, its svarmony – aryve application offers a Visual Positioning System (VPS) for mobile devices, aiding workers in navigating complex environments and completing tasks.

Stephan Litjens, vice president of enterprise campus edge solutions at Nokia, says: “As digital transformation takes hold in many industries, organizations require a rich and mixed set of applications to solve business challenges like tracking and positioning and worker safety.

“The new additions to the Nokia Industrial Application Catalog provide greater efficiency, productivity and further enhance worker safety with preparedness, situational awareness and fast reaction during incidents. Offered as-a-service and deployed on MXIE, we eliminate the hurdles of adoption and ensure best of breed solutions to be available.”

The Portalify’s SmartView application enables indoor and outdoor location tracking for workers, with a focus on lone worker safety, while the Secapp application facilitates critical communications and documentation, enhancing overall safety and emergency response times, the company notes.

These applications, available as a service with automatic lifecycle management, leverage Nokia’s MX Industrial Edge platform’s strengths, including low latency, compute capabilities, high resiliency, and security, while benefiting from private wireless connectivity.

The company also notes that these new applications enhance industrial operations by providing real-time tracking, positioning, and worker safety solutions.

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