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Nokia adds private wireless, edge computing for industrial IoT to Alibaba Cloud

Nokia adds private wireless, edge computing for industrial IoT to Alibaba Cloud

To help enterprises across a variety of industries, Nokia and Alibaba Cloud will work together on edge cloud capabilities by leveraging wireless connectivity. Nokia will integrate its private wireless network solution with Alibaba’s Cloud service offering, accelerating digital transformation for enterprises, the companies said.

Executives said the combination of Alibaba Cloud along with Nokia’s industry-grade private network solution aim to support the increasing needs of enterprise customers to improve productivity and reduce costs as part of their digital transformation journey.

Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) is an end-to-end private network solution and edge computing platform that enables easier adoption of industrial IoT.  With open APIs, enterprise customers can integrate custom applications into the network, providing flexibility for more applications and improving the existing organization’s operation. For stepping into Industry 4.0 applications, businesses can easily set up and connect sensors and hardware to the ecosystem for cloud edge processing, Nokia claimed.

Nokia’s said it has tested and verified its private network solution on over 420 enterprises to drive their digital transformation securely and reliably. The company is looking to expand its offerings through Alibaba Cloud to capture enterprise customers across the globe.

“By leveraging Nokia’s private wireless solution, our enterprise customers will benefit from plug-and-play high-speed, low-latency and, connectivity together with timely intelligence management and processing,” says Li Li, Vice President, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

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