NGD delivers computational SSD storage that could find its way into high-perf edge data centers

NGD delivers computational SSD storage that could find its way into high-perf edge data centers

Computational storage leader NGD Systems announced the general availability of the highest capacity, lowest power EDSFF E1.S NVMe solid state drive. The Newport Platform EDSFF is the first NVMe SSD with 12TB capacity that also makes available NGD’s powerful Computational Storage capabilities known as “In-Situ Processing”. The Newport Platform does this without impact to the reliability, quality of service (QoS) or power consumption, already available in the current shipping NGD Systems other NVMe Computational Storage Drives (CSD).

The ability to support low power and true symmetrical form factor designs allow the NGD Systems solution to offer the widest range of solutions in the E1.S form factor. With work being done in the SNIA and OCP working groups on alternative form factors for power hungry devices, NGD Systems has provided the flexibility that customers need to ensure success of their system level designs. This is especially true for edge and non-traditional data center deployments where space, power and processing are paramount. Partnering with many current server manufacturers to provide customers turnkey solutions has also been something NGD Systems has accomplished to allow for broad and immediate deployment of this new and innovative form factor.

“Partnering with NGD Systems to qualify and deploy their EDSFF E1.S solutions in our latest products is helping ensure broad and fast adoption of our latest products as well,” said CT Sun, CTO and Vice President of Engineering, AIC. “Through collaboration and evaluation of the product we can assist our customers with finding solutions that are not available from any other vendor when it comes to capacity, flexibility or available resources like Computational Storage Engines. We are very excited to have a valuable partner like NGD Systems on our available products for integration into our leading-edge platforms.”

The NGD Systems Newport Platform Family of drives are in production now and available for immediate deployment. The Newport Platform EDSFF E1.S is available in capacities of up to 12TB and the world’s only NVMe Computational Storage Drive (CSD) EDSFF product on the market today.

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