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Ericsson, Telstra work on mobile edge cloud for enterprises in Australia

Ericsson, Telstra work on mobile edge cloud for enterprises in Australia

Ericsson and Telstra have announced they will collaborate to develop an enterprise edge cloud solution developed specifically for the Telstra domain. The collaboration builds on the 2019 announcement between Ericsson, Telstra and an Australian financial institution, to trial 5G edge computing technologies for the financial services sector.

This new partnership will help drive innovation across industries by developing solutions to enable seamless orchestration, network exposure and service assurance. These capabilities will help make consumption-based interfaces between cloud providers and the Telstra network possible. With agile, enterprise-tuned network services across its network, Telstra will be able to promote enhanced services for enterprise customers.

The new enterprise edge cloud solution is expected to be delivered within months and will act as a catalyst for the development of a reusable and open framework. With this solution, the Telstra network will be able to cater to unique customer needs, where network services can be offered either on the edge or on-premise.

Ericsson and Telstra note they will continue to explore solutions for various industries over the coming months. These industries will benefit from repeatable design and orchestration of edge computing’s foundational capabilities for use cases with high requirements on scalability, security, availability, low latency and bandwidth.

New potential enterprise use cases for agriculture, industrial IoT, enterprise branch connectivity services and smart cities, will unlock the potential of innovation by bringing new services to their customers.

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Deploying AI Models at the Edge


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