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Networks roundup: Appfleet joins Cloudflare, Megaport announces PartnerVantage, Zayo to build 400G Network

Networks roundup: Appfleet joins Cloudflare, Megaport announces PartnerVantage, Zayo to build 400G Network

In an eventful few weeks for networks and connectivity companies focusing on edge products, Appfleet joined Cloudflare, and Megaport announced a new partner program. Also, Zayo announced it will deploy thirty-one, 400G-enabled routes in the US and Europe.

Appfleet and Cloudflare join forces

Cloudflare is acquiring Appfleet, with all of the latter company’s clusters planned to go offline on October 31st, 2021, according to a blog post from Appfleet.

According to Appfleet, the move is aimed at supporting the firm’s original goal of building an infinitely scalable edge compute platform while also retaining a simple and affordable service.

In fact, Cloudflare currently allows users to run JS code globally in more than 200 locations, against the five regions currently supported by Appfleet.

By embedding the Appfleet capabilities into the Cloudflare Workers platform, the companies will reportedly be a step closer to build “the best edge compute platform out there.”

Commenting on the news in a blog post, Appfleet founder Dmitriy Akulov said the firm will do its best to ensure zero downtime and will help all of our users to migrate away.

Megaport announces new partner program

Dubbed Megaport PartnerVantage, the new program is designed to aid center operators, managed service providers, value-added resellers, systems integrators, agents, and other technology providers to deliver Network as a Service (NaaS) connectivity services.

These will encompass cloud connectivity, virtual routing, and edge networking solutions, among others.

In addition, the initiative will provide members with a number of partner resources, including Megaport’s Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform, a partner transactional portal, financial incentives, dedicated sales support, on-demand training modules, and partner marketing support.

Megaport PartnerVantage will be available in two separate tiers, Prestige and Preferred, with corresponding levels of financial, training, and marketing support.

Zayo to build 400G-enabled network

Zayo announced it will offer thirty-one high capacity, long haul routes that will be reportedly built across North America and Western Europe.

According to Zayo, the 400G client-side wave capabilities will enable the firm to deliver multi-terabit capacity across its underlying global network.

This, in turn, will make possible higher transmission rates, reduced cost per bit, increased data transfer speeds, and substantially greater bandwidth capacity.

In addition, Zayo confirmed up to 800G transmission will be available in selected areas across the new network.

Moreover, the new network is also designed to reduce physical space requirements as well as operation and maintenance costs resulting from a 40% reduction in power consumption.

The company said it intends to use the new network to support 5G technologies, including the Internet of Things, cloud-based computing, edge computing, virtual reality, high-definition video streaming, and artificial intelligence.

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