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MongoDB launches new solution for the edge for global application deployment

MongoDB launches new solution for the edge for global application deployment

Multi-cloud developer data platform MongoDB has announced MongoDB Atlas for the edge, a set of capabilities that aims to make it easier for organizations to deploy applications closer to where real-time data is generated, processed, and stored.

With MongoDB Atlas for the edge, the company says the data is securely stored and synchronized in real time across data sources and destinations to provide resilient and reliable applications across devices, on-premises data centers, and cloud providers.

The company says that organizations will now use MongoDB Atlas for the edge to build, deploy, and manage applications that are accessible virtually anywhere for use cases such as connected vehicles, smart factories, and supply chain optimization.

The plan is to remove the complexity typically associated with operating distributed applications at the edge.

“Flexibility and abstracting away complexity is one of the key attributes of a development experience that our customers have come to expect from us,” said Sahir Azam, chief product officer at MongoDB.

“Atlas for the Edge delivers a consistent development experience across the data layer for applications running anywhere – from mobile devices, kiosks in retail locations, remote manufacturing facilities, and on-premises data centers all the way to the cloud. Now, customers can more easily build and manage distributed applications securely using data at the edge with high availability, resilience, and reliability – and without the complexity and heavy lifting of managing complex edge deployments.”

The company also notes that tens of thousands of customers and millions of developers rely on MongoDB Atlas to run business-critical applications for real-time inventory management, predictive maintenance, and high-volume financial transactions.

With MongoDB Atlas for the edge, organizations can use a single, unified interface to deliver a consistent and frictionless development experience from the edge to the cloud, with the ability to build distributed applications, according to the company.

MongoDB Atlas edge server and Atlas Device Sync lets organizations use a pre-built, local-first data synchronization layer for applications running on kiosks or on mobile and IoT devices to prevent data loss and improve offline application experiences.

The company also mentions that MongoDB Atlas edge servers can be deployed in remote locations with the aim of allowing devices to sync directly with each other – without the need for connectivity to the cloud.

Speaking about the solution, Amir Rao, director of product management for Telco at AWS, says: “With MongoDB Atlas for the Edge, customers can take advantage of managed edge infrastructure like AWS Local Zones, AWS Wavelength, and AWS Outposts to process data closer to end users and power applications across generative AI and machine learning, IoT, and robotics – making it easier for them to build, manage, and deploy their applications anywhere.”

One of the MongoDB Atlas solution’s goal for the edge is to provide integrations with generative AI and machine learning technologies for low latency, intelligent functionality at the edge directly on devices.

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