Modzy becomes an AI Hardware & Edge AI summit partner

Modzy becomes an AI Hardware & Edge AI summit partner

Modzy, a machine learning platform,  will be an event partner at the upcoming AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit on September 12-14 in Santa Clara, California.

The summit covers the design and deployment of ML hardware and software infrastructure across the cloud-edge continuum. Attendees also have the option to attend the Efficient Generative AI Summit. This event provides insights into purpose-built software, systems and hardware that enhance AI training, deployment and inference efficiency.

Modzy will host a roundtable discussion at the event, with additional details to follow.

The event also offers case studies from the cloud to the edge. Topics will encompass generative AI, simulation and digital twins, computer vision, NLP, automotive AI and extreme edge. Moreover, discussion on MLOps, software tools, and ML software infrastructure will be facilitated alongside exploring novel training methods such as federated & distributed learning, active learning and multimodal learning.

Further, attendees will have access to demos, showcases and product launches on the exhibition floor.

The Modzy platform specializes in deploying, connecting and running machine learning models in the enterprise and at the edge, with managed infrastructure, tools and workflows.

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