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The Modzy MLOps platform enables organizations to deploy, integrate, run, and monitor ML/AI models anywhere — in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge. With 15x faster model deployment and up to $800K cloud cost savings, teams use Modzy to build AI-powered solutions faster. Unlike other MLOps platforms, the Modzy platform can support a wide range of enterprise and edge AI/ML use cases. Modzy uses a container-based architecture that allows models to run nearly anywhere through a large set of APIs, SDKs, and direct integrations into common business applications and databases.

What distinguishes Modzy is our vision to help our customers run models anywhere. From the major cloud providers to on-premise, to hybrid, to fully-remote edge hardware, Modzy can run and monitor AI models on nearly any infrastructure. We also have numerous patents in the areas of adversarial defense, AI explainability, and drift detection. For more information, visit

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Jul 27, 2020

Military use of edge AI: So far, more like a modem with anger issues than Terminator

For all the legitimate fears that the U.S. government’s AI work is creating an uncontrollable djinn, the technology is still…

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