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MobiledgeX lassoes Savari and Stratacache as new partners for edge applications

MobiledgeX lassoes Savari and Stratacache as new partners for edge applications

Edge platform player MobiledgeX continues to attract more partners than a powerful Washington, D.C., law firm.

The company finalized two partnerships in late March alone — and just 10 days apart. Drafted into MobiledgeX’s efforts were Savari, an early player in vehicle-to-everything (or V2X) communication systems, and Stratacache, a maker of in-store marketing products. Several other partnerships have been announced over the past six months.

On March 26, MobiledgeX executives said they would collaborate with Savari, whose cloud-enabled and edge-based software and hardware is designed for use in vehicles and, increasingly, in transportation infrastructure – new territory for the mobile edge.

V2X s(vehicle-to-everything) systems can share an almost unlimited variety of critical (like road conditions) or simply pertinent (parking) information between cars as well as between cars and infrastructure.

Through the partnership, Savari is expected to use MobiledgeX’s Edge-Cloud product, which operates in data centers, commodity clouds, and multi-access edge computing locations, to enable various advanced driver assistance systems, or ADAS. Such systems can provide automated braking, for example.

Taking advantage of the fruits of other MobiledgeX partnerships (specifically those focused on monitoring and observability), Savari is anticipated to deliver critical ADAS functionality rapidly and securely over distributed private and public LTE and 5G networks.

For its part, MobiledgeX expects the partnership to help it clear fundamental edge-orchestration hurdles that are slowing wide use of cellular V2X technology.

Automotive original equipment makers are expected to use the partnership and edge-enabled products to speed plans for connected, shared, mobile and autonomous features in vehicles.

Prior to the Savari announcement, executives with SuperLumin, a marketing-technology company owned by Stratacache, said they are pairing with MobiledgeX to create products that enable and process rich media experiences for drivers and passengers in vehicles.

The companies are working to combine MobiledgeX’s 5G edge platform with SuperLumin’s content acceleration capabilities. The result is expected to be a framework through which vendors can deploy cross-telco carrier applications, a capability needed if cellular vehicle-to-everything environments are to succeed, according to a release announcing the partnership.

Stratacache executives say they eagerly anticipate a day when “vehicles transform into media and retail environments.” MobiledgeX, meanwhile, is tracking with the auto industry as it embraces the concept of the cellular V2X era.

Two other collaborations were announced by MobiledgeX at the beginning of the month. The company partnered with Accedian, which sells performance management and threat detection software. It also partnered with VMware to use edge capabilities to seed a transformation of telecommunications firms.

In January, MobiledgeX and Japanese telco NTT Docomo said they would work together to demonstrate the worldwide distribution of 5G applications. And a couple of months prior, the company and communications firm Telus announced they would soon be the first to offer live edge computing access on MobiledgeX systems for developers in North America.

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