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Mimik, IBM partner to bring edge cloud, container tech to more mobile platforms

Mimik, IBM partner to bring edge cloud, container tech to more mobile platforms

Pioneering hybrid edge cloud company mimik Technology recently announced it is collaborating with IBM to build AI-enabled collaborative workflow solutions designed to help accelerate automation and digital transformation across manufacturing, retail, IoT and healthcare. mimik’s hybrid edgeCloud platform transforms cloud applications from a fixed client-server architecture – where server functionality is limited to servers in data centers and gateways – to a fully distributed architecture, enabling “client” devices to act as servers. Through this relationship, mimik intends to extend IBM Edge Application Manager’s management of IoT and edge devices, and support for edge clusters by enabling the deployment of containerized workloads to mobile devices running on iOS, Android, QNX and Windows.

We are amid a transition from mobile internet to a hyper connected internet, with a projected 24.1 billion connected devices by 2030 and millions of applications and systems connecting and communicating with each other across domains driven by data and artificial intelligence. Enterprise cloud transformation, IoT and 5G trends have been driving the proliferation of smart devices at the edge, and as a result, internet bandwidth and computing resources in centralized data centers are straining to manage the amount of new data coming from connected devices at the edge of the network. At the same time, client applications are becoming more complex and difficult to develop, update and maintain. To help address these challenges, mimik will bring its hybrid edgeCloud platform together with IBM’s Edge Application Manager, which runs on Red Hat OpenShift, to enable devices with computing resources, such as PCs, smartphones, routers, game consoles, and IoT gateways and FreeRTOS sensors, as well as the broad spectrum of Linux-based edge devices and clusters, to have containerized computing capabilities at the edge.

“We are excited to work with IBM and to leverage its expertise in hybrid cloud computing and software delivery solutions like IBM Edge Application Manager,” said Fay Arjomandi, Founder, President & CEO, mimik. “Our collaboration will help customers across industries to architect transformative solutions that combine mimik’s edge cloud technology with IBM’s cloud and AI infrastructure to address the industry’s demand for digital transformation.”

mimik’s hybrid edge cloud platform enables heterogenous devices, applications and processes with cloud serverless capability to autonomously communicate in small local clusters regardless of operating systems and networks. The aim is for IBM Edge Application Manager to help manage these local clusters globally and create hyper connected ‘super clusters’ that can communicate directly or through servers and gateways regardless of hardware, operating system and networks.

“We look forward to welcoming mimik into the fold of the IBM Edge Ecosystem,” said Evaristus Mainsah, GM of Cloud, Cloud Pak, and Edge Ecosystem, IBM. “Together we plan to build and deploy clustered edge applications that can run on iOS, Android and other mobile devices as an integral extension of the enterprise hybrid cloud platform, unlocking natural scalability and speed in a cost effective, open and secured way.”

mimik is part of IBM’s edge ecosystem, an initiative to help equipment manufacturers, networking, IT & software providers implement open standards-based cloud-native solutions that can autonomously manage edge applications at scale. IBM’s ecosystem of partners fuels hybrid cloud environments by helping clients manage and modernize workloads from bare-metal to multi-cloud and everything in between with Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform.

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