Microsoft and U.S. Navy graduate school to cooperate on edge computing and research

Microsoft and U.S. Navy graduate school to cooperate on edge computing and research

Microsoft and the Naval Postgraduate School  (NPS) will collaborate on research to explore the use of commercial technology, including edge computing, to solve operational challenges met by the U.S. Navy and Marines Corps.

“This Cooperative Research Initiative with the Naval Postgraduate School will provide a remarkable opportunity for us to work shoulder to shoulder with our nation’s brightest leaders and service members and help them solve the complex challenges they face,” says Jason Zander, executive vice president of Microsoft. “And through this collaboration, we look forward to sharing our latest research and furthering our joint efforts to empower our military to make our nation safer.”

Microsoft recently signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the NPS to collaborate on joint research. The two organizations will utilize Microsoft Cloud services, including Azure, Office 365 and Teams, and deploy advanced cloud capabilities for critical mission priorities. The joint project research teams will examine operational uses of cloud-enhanced networks and edge solutions, delivery solutions for education to the fleet, technology applications and leveraging serious gaming, exercising, modeling, and simulation to assist operational commanders in their decision-making processes.

The project will also look at emerging technologies like intelligent edge computing solutions and cloud-enhanced networks for operational purposes; an NPS smart campus for improved teaching; gaming, exercising, modeling and simulation powered by AI to refine decision-making; and digital enterprise and field experimentation.

“The type of cutting-edge research which will be enabled by this partnership is something that can only happen at NPS,” says Ann E. Rondeau, president of the NPS. “We are, and have always been, a center for excellence and innovation — a catalyst for transformative capabilities and the education of our future Navy and Marine Corps leaders. With this agreement, we look forward to working with our colleagues at Microsoft in an effort to find solutions to all of the challenges facing our fleet and force, now and in the future.”

The U.S. defense agencies and military have taken note of edge computing, with orders for edge computing systems and the Linux Foundation signing a collaboration agreement with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to accelerate innovation and security in 5G, edge, AI, standards, programmability, and IoT.

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