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Market research reveals autonomous data platforms to surpass 6.73 billion by 2030

Market research reveals autonomous data platforms to surpass 6.73 billion by 2030

According to SkyQuest’s global research, the global Autonomous Data Platform market is expected to reach 6.73 billion by 2030, increasing at a CAGR of 23% during the forecast period (2023-2030).

The market research trends driving growth include AI and machine learning adoption for data automation, edge computing for real-time processing, data governance emphasis, data lakes and fabric architectures, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, advanced analytics integration and self-service data analytics capabilities.

An autonomous data platform is a self-managing infrastructure that utilizes machine learning and AI to automate data tasks, from ingestion to analytics. It enables organizations to enhance data quality, lower costs, and speed up time to value, according to SkyQuest.

The autonomous data platform market is filled with major players like Oracle, Teradata, IBM and AWS. Cloud-based deployment is poised for growth in the projected period. Due to its scalability, it leads in the online market, allowing organizations to expand their data infrastructure without significant investments, the report says.

The research notes that data analytics and business intelligence (BI) are the leading application segments, as organizations in various industries rely on these tools to gain insights from their data. Autonomous data platforms simplify data processes, enabling businesses to discover essential insights and drive data-driven decisions efficiently.

Further, North America leads the market in technological advancements, strongly emphasizing innovation and high adoption of data analytics and AI technologies. The report adds that the region’s large enterprises, financial institutions, healthcare organizations and tech companies are early adopters of autonomous data platforms.

Skyquest says this market evaluation takes into account collaborations, mergers, business policies and strategies. It  provides an analysis of market segments, geographic factors and key players. The report also highlights the efforts by businesses to meet the increasing demand for Autonomous Data Platform solutions, the company notes.

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