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Losant, Atsign team up to secure data and networks for IoT applications

Losant, Atsign team up to secure data and networks for IoT applications

Losant, a company offering an IoT cloud platform for enterprise-scale applications, has partnered with Atsign to offer cybersecurity solutions. Losant and Atsign have partnered to provide businesses with a secure and scalable solution for managing their IoT devices and data.

Integrating Atsign’s security and privacy technology with Losant’s IoT platform is intended to provide businesses with assurance about their devices and data security. The solution also enables secure communication between devices and people without the need for open ports, which can be vulnerable to security threats. Instead, it uses encryption to ensure that sensitive data remains protected.

“By partnering with Atsign, customers now have access to a highly secure and decentralized communication layer that provides additional protection for device-to-cloud communication and remote access to fielded devices,” says Brandon Cannaday, the chief product officer at Losant.

According to Losant, one of the main advantages of its IoT platform is its low-code approach to application development. Specifically, it uses a visual drag-and-drop interface allowing users to build IoT applications without extensive coding expertise. The company says that the Visual Workflow Engine facilitates this drag-and-drop editor and reduces the time required to bring products to market.

Meanwhile, Atsign’s IoT security solution encrypts data from the source to the network. It reaches applications, securing them against potential data breaches or security threats. The company claims that its edge security solution can protect the data of IoT devices even when there is no connection due to network congestion or other factors.

“By partnering with Losant, we are able to offer a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses with advanced IoT and communication capabilities while also ensuring the highest levels of security and privacy,” says Colin Constable, the CTO and co-founder of Atsign.

Previously, Atsign worked with ACA Pacific Partners to deliver security solutions for IoT devices in the Asia Pacific. The companies said the collaboration reduced the risk of network surface attacks and safeguarded deployed IoT devices in diverse industries.

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