Deploying AI Models at the Edge

Lockheed Martin, Verizon to display 5G streaming for content on edge computing devices

Lockheed Martin, Verizon to display 5G streaming for content on edge computing devices

Lockheed Martin Skunk Works and Verizon showcased 5G streaming for real-time visualization content on edge computing devices to advance Department of Defense (DOD) sustainment missions.

Both companies validated three technology areas including 5G at the edge for latency critical interactions of complex visualization applications such as augmented, virtual, or extended reality experiences, streaming of real-time 3D visualization content, and streaming to edge compute devices.

The companies note these technologies enable Lockheed Martin’s “Maintainer as a Node” concept, in which a connected maintainer receives all the information where, when and how it is needed in a latency-critical environment.

“Streaming is the future, and through our strategic collaboration with Verizon, together we’re advancing crucial 21st Century Security technologies that drive speed, efficiency, quality and reliability where our customers need it most,” says Marc O’Brien, senior manager of virtual prototyping at Lockheed Martin Skunk Works.

This year, Lockheed Martin and Verizon focused on content streaming for sustainment use cases where advanced visualization capabilities are critical to supporting the maintainer with Resilient Logistics in a Contested Environment (RLCE).

Some use cases include, 3D step-based work instructions, augmented/virtual/extended reality content deployment, remote desktop of 3D applications scenarios, and remote assistance and other 3D graphically intensive applications.

The cases demonstrated a multi-user, augmented reality experience across multiple geolocations streaming a large 3D CAD airspace engine in real-time.

“This effort demonstrates how Verizon’s partnership with Lockheed Martin leverages the immense capabilities of 5G and edge computing to transform data streaming and AR experiences to produce advanced capabilities for military sustainment operations,” adds Chris Halton, vice president of product strategy and innovation at Verizon.

The joint effort coincides with a broader collaboration between Lockheed Martin and Verizon to advance critical 5G.MIL data-sharing applications for the DOD, improving security, resiliency, interoperability and performance with a combination of commercial and government-driven technology, according to the company.

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Deploying AI Models at the Edge


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