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Itential unveils updated automation platform with enhanced compliance and workflows

Itential unveils updated automation platform with enhanced compliance and workflows

Itential, a hybrid cloud network orchestration and automation provider, has released a new version of its low-code Automation Platform. According to the company, it features an intuitive automation canvas and advanced configuration management for cloud-native infrastructure. Automation of provisioning and maintenance processes will be essential for managing network architectures that will become increasingly complex as edge computing becomes more widely adopted.

According to Itential, these features can facilitate fast and accurate automation of networking systems. They can also assist network teams in implementing and expanding automated processes while ensuring prompt compliance with network standards.

Public cloud spending is expected to grow significantly over the next few years, bringing new challenges for networking teams. To effectively manage multi-cloud networks, Itential says organizations must adopt a unified approach across the physical, virtual and cloud-native infrastructure.

“Itential continues to develop features and functionality to help network teams at every stage of their automation journey, from teams just getting started with their first automation to teams that are already proficient in using Itential to build, test, and publish network automation for self-service,” says Chris Wade, the CTO of Itential.

The Itential Automation Platform (IAP) is a cloud-based solution not tied to any specific vendor. It allows customers to create automated workflows with minimal coding to manage network changes, deployment, configuration and compliance of hybrid and multi-cloud networks. The new version of IAP includes improved API configuration and compliance features and new workflow automation capabilities that make building and managing automation easier, Itential executives say.

According to the company, network teams need modern compliance tools that use APIs to effectively manage devices and services such as network controllers, orchestrators, and cloud-based networks like SD–WAN and ZTNA. These tools must be able to communicate using APIs and operate on the configuration data obtained.

“With our latest platform enhancements, Itential further empowers network teams to extend network management and automation across on-prem and cloud infrastructure — facilitating collaboration and standardization,” adds Wade.

Itential’s Configuration Manager application now has advanced capabilities that enable users to efficiently manage intricate JSON configurations and generate precise Golden Configurations that apply to any network solution. Rules can also be applied across a list of object configurations.

Itential says its new workflow canvas provides a more intuitive user experience, featuring rich context menus and keyboard shortcuts. The company says these features make it easier for users to build workflows and comprehend workflows created by others, thus facilitating better collaboration and scalability of network automation efforts.

According to Itential, it provides automated solutions to some of the world’s largest networks. Research firms like Futuriom, Forrester and Gartner have also recognized Itential.

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