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Webinar: The Cutting-EDGE of MLOps

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Webinar: The Cutting-EDGE of MLOps

Webinar: The Cutting-EDGE of MLOps
27 June, 2023 – 6pm to 7:30 CEST
Live online webinar

By 2025, a staggering 75% of enterprise data will be created at the edge. Moreover, by 2027, deep learning will be included in over 65% of edge use cases. As the volume of data continues to increase, computing is shifting towards the edge. This presents a unique opportunity for AI /ML Teams to learn and adopt best practices in implementing Machine Learning in the Edge. Join us on June 27, at the “Cutting – Edge of MLOPS” live webinar to gain insights into how to build compliant, efficient, and real-time Edge AI.


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