If only there were standards for critical thinking: 5G ≠ COVID-19

If only there were standards for critical thinking: 5G ≠ COVID-19

At least 40 5G cell towers have been torched in the United Kingdom in acts of fear, ignorance, maliciousness or a combination of all three. It is not hard to imagine this psychological fever spreading to edge infrastructure, protected in its suspiciously non-descript housings.

The Guardian has reported that attacks have taken place on telecommunications company engineers have been “physical or verbally assaulted” by people enraged by the deaths that they say will follow 5G activation.

The chief executive of Vodafone UK told The Guardian that an antenna connecting a hospital in Birmingham was attacked last weekend.

As a result of these events, the telecommunications industry, researchers, health care organizations and politicians are rushing to tell people globally that 5G infrastructure does not cause COVID-19, does not weaken one’s defenses against the novel coronavirus or in any other way harm living tissue.

Others are trying to beat back conspiracy theories that the coronavirus was unleashed on the world to distract a gullible population from the construction of 5G towers, which the misguided or misanthropic say will kill humanity. Along this line, conspiracists think giga-philanthropist and Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates reportedly needs the towers in order to create COVID-19 so that he can sell the vaccine he has created in secret …despite the fact that he is giving away chunks of his fortune to organization such as the WHO that are combatting the virus..

There is as yet no organized effort to point out the foolishness of thinking companies are preparing to microwave humankind out of existence. Short term, long term, there just is no profit in killing people willing to hand over cash to bet on esports or watch a steaming program about rural Americans and their man-eating tigers.

The violence has been brewing for a year or more – long before anyone knew about something that would come to be called COVID-19. 5G systems had been linked to cancers no one has documented and childhood-development problems that likewise have not been documented. They were accused of facilitating mind control.

Aside from making a connection to a coronavirus, all paranoid accusations against 5G were thrown at 4G, Wi-Fi and, indeed, electric blankets. That every one of the ill-informed and panic-inciting predictions have come to nothing means nothing when the next invisible threat appears.

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