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IDC’s Predictions report says 5G, edge and cloud infrastructure is essential for enterprise connectivity programs

IDC’s Predictions report says 5G, edge and cloud infrastructure is essential for enterprise connectivity programs

In its annual predictions report, market research firm IDC announced its predictions for the future of connectedness in 2023 and beyond. With more people working remotely, there is now an expectation from employees, customers and partners to access systems and processes 24/7 from anywhere.

The IDC believes that organizations that adopt a cloud-centric connectivity strategy will see improved productivity, agility and resilience. Embracing 5G, edge and cloud infrastructure and services is essential for connectivity programs. These programs prioritize improving efficiency and using data to give real-time business insights.

According to the IDC, enterprise network and IT departments need to adjust their systems and processes regularly to ensure businesses can keep running, employees are productive and organizations can nimbly adjust to new business environments and needs.

“The impacts of hybrid work, inflation, global economics, and business uncertainty are forcing enterprises to adapt business operations to counteract disruptive market forces,” said Paul Hughes, research director, Future of Connectedness at IDC. “Organizations that adopt and integrate a smart, scalable, and flexible cloud-centric connectivity strategy across the organization will reap the benefits of improved agility, a more productive workforce, and more resilient operations.”

More specifically, here are the IDC’s Future of Connectedness top 10 predictions:

  1. To improve customer experience, by 2024 three fourths of enterprises will use cloud-based APIs to design applications that include UCaaS/CPaaS platforms with multiple channels.
  2. By 2025, many digital organizations will use wireless technologies for mission-critical and business continuity purposes in addition to the “cloud first” network structures that are common today.
  3. In 2025, just 30% of organizations will take advantage of 5G use cases because of a lack of leadership among providers of connectivity, technology, and managed services.
  4. To increase collaboration, productivity, and energy efficiency, 40% of enterprises will double their investments in hyper-connected digital spaces.
  5. In 2024, approximately fifty percent of big businesses will use a hyperscaler’s cloud WAN service as part of their network. Consequently, telcos will increasingly act as service integrators.
  6. By 2027, the metaverse will make up 70% of all online media traffic growth. This is due to an increase in business and consumer use cases requiring more bandwidth.
  7. By 2023, four out of ten enterprises will improve their operational efficiency and security while reducing network costs by using SD-WAN and security for cloud-managed networking and security.
  8. By 2024, 30% of businesses will improve network awareness among all IT teams by enhancing employee skills, expanding eligibility requirements for positions, and increasing NetOps interactions.
  9. In 2026, budgeting issues will prohibit 40% of companies from effectively implementing a connectivity strategy.
  10. By 2027, four out of every five large enterprises will need LEO satellites to fill in-network coverage for areas that lack remote or lack reliable international service.

The IDC says that full details of these predictions are available in the report, IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Future of Connectedness 2023 Predictions.

Further, the company said that over 40 IDC FutureScape webinars will be available on demand, including an IDC Worldwide Future of Connectedness 2023 Predictions replay. These webinars address topics such as the cloud, CIO agenda, digital business, artificial intelligence and sustainable strategies and technologies.

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