Semtech, Exeger promises to increase IoT battery life with solar harvesting technology

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Semtech, Exeger promises to increase IoT battery life with solar harvesting technology

Semtech Corporation, a high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductor supplier, partnered with Swedish deep-tech company Exeger. Exeger is known for manufacturing customizable solar cells. Semtech’s LoRa Edge asset management platform, when used with Exeger’s Powerfoyle solar cell technology, can significantly extend IoT device battery life.

Semtech’s LoRa Edge uses GNSS satellites and Wi-Fi SSIDs to scan for location, partitioning the processing between IoT devices and the LoRa Cloud. The cloud-based solver is power efficient and can increase battery life. Exeger’s Powerfoyle is flexible and durable, easily integrating into any electronic device. Solar energy powers cell technology to charge devices with sustainable, renewable energy.

“We are thrilled to be working with Semtech to bring our Powerfoyle technology to the LoRa Edge platform,” said Exeger CEO Giovanni Fili. “This is a great example of how our technology can be used to enable renewable energy solutions that help reduce the environmental impact of devices.”

The goal of combining Powerfoyle material with Semtech’s LoRa Edge chip-to-Cloud platform is to create an environmentally friendly IoT standard. This will open up a world of new solar-powered tracking applications for geolocation use cases, including indoor and outdoor asset tracking, global supply chain logistics, agriculture, smart utilities, and smart cities.

“LoRa devices enable smart IoT applications that help solve some of the biggest challenges facing our planet,” stated Marc Pégulu, vice president and general manager for Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group.

The LoRa Pavilion will exhibit the new IoT technology at EdgeTech+ from November 16-18, 2022.

“Semtech and Exeger’s collaboration will enable manufacturers to develop IoT devices leveraging new energy harvesting technology for a smarter and more sustainable future,” added Pégulu.

Semtech made news recently for acquiring Sierra Wireless Inc, an IoT solutions provider. The acquisition fused two of the most critical technologies for the future of IoT, LoRa and cellular connectivity. Together, they created a chip-to-cloud platform that could digitize industrial workflows.

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