IDC reveals IIoT is a top reason for 5G deployment in Asia/Pacific region

IDC reveals IIoT is a top reason for 5G deployment in Asia/Pacific region

According to the latest telecom carrier survey from the IDC, Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) is one of the top reasons for telecom carriers in Asia/Pacific to roll out 5G services. The survey found that 12.4% of respondents in the region cited IIoT as an important reason for 5G deployment.

The survey notes that 5G technology is rapidly growing in the Asia/Pacific region, and telecom carriers are viewing it as an important tool for developing initiatives such as smart manufacturing and energy-efficient construction. 5G technology is helping to facilitate digital transformation and the adoption of new ecosystems for organizations by providing more reliable wireless communication and reducing latency.

In fact, the IDC forecasts that Asia/Pacific 5G connections will experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 87.9% from 2021 to 2025, increasing from 574 million to 3,234 million during the forecast period.

Additionally, private 5G networks are being used to control equipment on-premises in factories throughout Asia/Pacific, and IoT devices can also connect via these types of wireless networks. This technology is helping to make achieving sustainability goals more effortless and more robust.

The survey comes at a time when Industry 4.0 and sustainability are becoming key strategies for businesses in the region. By combining traditional manufacturing processes with digital technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT, 5G can help organizations to achieve their sustainability goals more effectively by reducing energy costs and increasing efficiency.

“The shift to a greener, lower carbon future will be made possible through digitization and connectivity,” explains Piyush Singh, the senior market analyst of telecommunications and IoT at Asia Pacific. “One of the concepts in Industry 4.0 is efficiency equals energy saving. Anything and everything organizations do to save energy ultimately increases efficiency.”

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