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Couchbase Capella on Microsoft Azure marketplace: Implications for growth

Couchbase Capella on Microsoft Azure marketplace: Implications for growth

Couchbase has revealed that its cloud Database-as-a-Service platform, Capella, will now be available on the Microsoft Azure marketplace.

According to the company, the platform will let enterprises create their own applications. The company aims to help customers with modern edge applications and provide support for hybrid and multi-cloud strategies through a single solution.

Couchbase Capella is positioned as a robust database solution applicable to mobile devices. The company says the service is designed to scale from the cloud to the edge, offering customers the flexibility to utilize it as a standard solution for deploying new edge applications.

This strategic marketing approach allows the customer to leverage the benefits of Couchbase Capella’s Database-as-a-Service capabilities that can expand to increasing demands of edge computing deployments. By adopting the Couchbase Capella database, the company wants businesses to rely on its database solution, which can later be used for edge applications.

“Debuting Capella in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace means we can streamline and simplify the process for customers to adopt our cloud database platform and deploy applications on their cloud of choice,” says Scott Anderson, the senior vice president of product management and business operations at Couchbase.


Couchbase wants to explore new sales marketing approaches as a public company. Currently, Couchbase heavily relies on its channel partners. Even though this approach helps the company reach a broader customer base, it also has implications for profit margins and sales forecasting visibility.

The company states they are now offering their products with all three hyperscalers’ markketplaces. Purchasing products through a marketplace like the Microsoft Azure marketplace can lead to better company margins. This occurs because the marketplace eliminates intermediaries by providing a direct platform for customers to make purchases.

Customers can deploy applications without needing on-premise infrastructure by leveraging Capella from the cloud. A marketplace presence can also attract customers looking to experiment with cloud-based database solutions for edge applications.

The broader context: the Azure marketplace availability for Couchbase Capella aligns with the company’s objective of expanding its market reach and increasing profitability. The company’s latest earnings reported sales growth on marketplaces.

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