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Huawei unveils Intelligent Distribution Solution (IDS) for electric power sector at MWC 2024

Huawei unveils Intelligent Distribution Solution (IDS) for electric power sector at MWC 2024

Huawei recently introduced its Intelligent Distribution Solution (IDS) at the Mobile World Congress 2024 conference in Barcelona, Spain.

David Sun, the VP of Huawei and CEO of Electric Power Digitalization BU, gave a keynote speech and introduced the IDS solution. Developed in collaboration with ecosystem partners, Sun says the technology tackles high line loss, poor reliability and new energy load management pressure.

The company goes on to note that IDS technology allows electric power companies to move towards digitalization, leveraging technologies within a cloud-pipe-edge-device architecture.

Huawei suggests an on-premise private cloud for the digital foundation to provide both wired and wireless backhaul network solutions. Regarding the edge, an edge computing unit (ECU) integrates communication, perception and computing.

The high-speed power line carrier communication (HPLC) on the low-voltage communication side supports rapid data acquisition and high success rates..

Huawei notes that it has already implemented IDS in China, offering positive benefits such as real-time monitoring and intelligent management of distribution networks. This solution enhances service digitalization in power transformer districts. The company says positive initial test results have also been observed in countries outside China.

At Huawei Connect 2022 in Dubai, Huawei introduced its oil and gas industry solutions, including the Integrated Oil & Gas Field Network and Smart Gas Station.

Huawei says it developed network architecture for oil field systems to enable network management and security. Additionally, they created digital platforms for the digitization of gas stations.

Centralized management allows customers to efficiently monitor individual end devices for maintenance, making network-wide device management feasible, the company notes. The unified network architecture offers multiple services on a single physical network, reducing enterprise investment across production, video, office and community sectors.

Huawei links gas stations to digital transformation, offering a smart solution for remote management of station data by retail oil companies.

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