How many particles? Phizzle EDGMaker helps count the ways for pharma companies

How many particles? Phizzle EDGMaker helps count the ways for pharma companies

Phizzle, the leader in software that solves the power and data complexity challenges of edge computing, has launched its EDGMaker Digital Air Series, the first software solution on the market to remotely operate multi-vendor particle counters in scientific data applications such as pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The patent-pending solution opens the proprietary multi-billion dollar industry supporting the purchase and operations of particle counters to the cost-savings benefits of the Internet ecosystem for the first time.

In the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers are required to regularly measure air quality using particle counters, a time-consuming and manual process that typically requires 1.5 to 1.8 lab techs per particle counter on average to handle. Already integrated into the FDA-required manufacturing practices of a top-five U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturer, the EDGMaker Digital Air Series reduced labor costs per particle counter by up to 45% while also reducing the risk of compliance errors.

“We’re excited to bring a solution to industries like pharma manufacturing and healthcare clean rooms where customers have manually operated proprietary scientific devices for decades — it is an entirely new market joining the internet ecosystem,” explains Ben Davis, Phizzle CEO. “The EDGMaker Digital Air Series uniquely pierces this cost bubble with patent-pending technology that can save manufacturers tens of millions of dollars in operations costs annually, all while improving the accuracy of reporting for compliance and liability.”

Based on a production use case with a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical customer, the EDGMaker Digital Air Series delivers near-instant ROI with: significantly reduced lab tech labor costs – between 33%-45% per particle counter; a standardized data format from disparate devices into a unified reporting model; automated compliance reporting through digital signature and integration with lab information management [LIM] systems, and; the elimination of cleanroom contamination risks via lab tech entry.

Phizzle’s go-to-market strategy includes working with Cisco, Intel, and other experts in the field of critically controlled environments, such as Cleanetics, a Pittsburgh-based cleanroom design-builder and compliance consultant.

“The EDGMaker Digital Air Series serves customers who are highly specialized in different industries with different regulatory requirements — from pharma manufacturing to healthcare clean rooms,” says Jeff Cristee, Phizzle’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We’ve targeted go-to-market partners like Intel and Cisco to pilot customers and help us accelerate the market to enable customers to quickly realize a return on their investment.”

Industry leaders like Cleanetics recognize the opportunity. “Providing a central control and monitoring system—a user-friendly human interface independent of the facility’s building management system—is ideal for sterile compounding pharmacies in hospitals,” adds Deric Haddad, Vice President of National Accounts at Cleanetics. “Phizzle’s EDGMaker achieves that by taking an agnostic approach to capturing and logging data from a variety of proprietary equipment devices, enabling the end-user to integrate a new, innovative software system into their existing production process.”

To accelerate this market, Cisco and Intel are working with Phizzle on pilots to help customers recognize the value that this solution can have within their manufacturing facilities.

“We’re excited that our Cisco IoT teams are collaborating with Phizzle to run their EDGMaker software on Cisco’s leading Industrial IoT edge compute capable routers,” says Michael Reid, Senior Director of IoT Sales at Cisco America. “Together, we’re able to offer a cutting-edge solution to connect, secure, and automate particle air-quality data collection, regardless of vendor, in industries such as bio-pharma, food processing, and hazardous manufacturing.”

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