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HiveMQ unveils OSS gateway for standardizing industrial edge data

HiveMQ unveils OSS gateway for standardizing industrial edge data

HiveMQ has introduced HiveMQ Edge, an open-source software gateway featuring an MQTT broker optimized for edge computing. HiveMQ Edge simplifies and modernizes Industrial IoT infrastructure for manufacturing organizations.

According to the company, converting proprietary OT protocols such as Modbus and OPC UA into the standardized MQTT format at the edge enables seamless integration with enterprise and cloud systems.

HiveMQ Edge helps manufacturers overcome challenges in integrating industrial data from OT to IT. For example, it supports the Unified Namespace architecture. It enables real-time data analysis by mapping data from diverse sources into a centralized and structured data hub.

HiveMQ’s co-founder and CTO, Dominik Obermaier, recognizes the market’s demand for HiveMQ Edge. He acknowledges manufacturers’ struggles to address complex edge connectivity issues during their digital transformation journey.

“We’re making it faster and easier to connect the edge and reap the full benefits of IIoT with an open gateway that converts proprietary and legacy protocols to MQTT,” states Obermaier.

HiveMQ Edge claims to allow companies to modernize their IIoT infrastructure with seamless data integration, plug-and-play protocol integrations, an edge-optimized MQTT broker, intuitive UI and API-based operability, all backed by open source with a rich SDK.

Developers are welcome to access the open-source version of HiveMQ Edge on GitHub. Users can connect it to edge devices, run workloads, and share feedback in the HiveMQ Community Forum.

HiveMQ claims to provide a reliable, scalable and secure IoT data movement platform for building a data-driven enterprise. Use cases include connected cars, logistics and Industry 4.0.

Earlier this year, HiveMQ introduced the HiveMQ Cloud Starter Plan, a self-service, fully managed MQTT platform. This platform provides unlimited connections, device support and claims to facilitate quick deployment of enterprise-level MQTT solutions for HiveMQ customers.

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