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Elisa, Wind River to launch fully automated edge data center, cutting time and costs

Elisa, Wind River to launch fully automated edge data center, cutting time and costs

Elisa Oyj, a telecommunications company, has achieved a milestone by successfully deploying its inaugural fully automated edge data center site. This project marks the second edge site to be launched into commercial production this year. It combines Wind River Studio Cloud Platform, User Plane Function (UPF) application and Wind River Studio Conductor.

Markus Kinnunen, the vice president of cloud services at Elisa, emphasizes that ongoing advancements in automation are vital for future success.

“Combined with Wind River’s distributed cloud capabilities, we are able to further improve our customer satisfaction by reducing the time to deploy and adding the quality of the process,” Kinnunen states.

Wind River Studio offers a cloud-native architecture that is fully Kubernetes- and container-based. Built on open-source technology, it facilitates the development, deployment, operations and servicing of distributed edge networks at scale, the company says.

According to Elisa, the 5G core UPF application improves network performance with efficient and reliable data transmission and processing at the edge. The deployment process is fully automated using Wind River Studio Conductor, enabling rapid and efficient provisioning of edge data center resources.

The major outcomes of the automation implementation can be summarized in three key areas: time to prepare, time to deploy, and quality of the process. Notably, significant time savings were achieved in the preparation phase, primarily through parameter settings and environment preparation work.

The team was able to execute a higher number of tests and scripts within the same timeframe. Regarding deployment, the overall time and staff hours required for commissioning the edge DC site were reduced by 90% compared to manual processes.

Additionally, the automation contributed to a 50% reduction in the overall deployment time. Lastly, automation brought additional benefits, such as running multiple tasks in parallel with minimal human errors, resulting in improved network quality and reduced time to service.

In 2022, the automotive software company, Aptiv, acquired Wind River for $4.3 billion.

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