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German Edge Cloud Oncite DPS achieves Catena-X certification, promises to advance automotive innovation

German Edge Cloud Oncite DPS achieves Catena-X certification, promises to advance automotive innovation

German Edge Cloud’s Oncite digital production system (DPS) is the first solution to be certified by Catena-X, offering automotive companies more accessible access to the production management system.  Catena-X is a project that will enable European manufacturers and carmakers to create secure and standardized data and information sharing; it is part of a larger effort that aims to reduce European dependence on US cloud services.

According to the company, features include faster traceability of parts over their lifecycle, more straightforward quality checks and a more robust supply chain based on continuous data chains and secure data exchange.

Dieter Meuser, CEO of digital industrial solutions at German Edge Cloud, says, “We are now seamlessly integrated into the Catena-X network with our Oncite digital production system. It allows us to exchange data securely and efficiently within the network and to digitalize factories’ processes quickly and in a compliant manner. ”

German Edge Cloud explains that the automotive industry is embracing digitalization and comprehensive networking to optimize processes, reduce costs and exchange data. At the same time, they must adhere to data protection regulations while trying to stay competitive.

The technology claims to address these issues by implementing a uniform data infrastructure that facilitates the connection of businesses in the value chain and enables the development of innovative products and services.

At the 2023 Hanover Fair, Catena-X demonstrated its data exchange capabilities with corporate representatives in the automotive industry and opened up its certification process for service and app providers who must meet Catena-X standards to gain access.

“The digitalization, electrification and networking of supply chains call for new technologies, processes and infrastructures,” says Meuser.

Oncite DPS provides SMEs access to Catena-X to enable secure networking of production, data management and high manufacturing transparency, as well as tracking of carbon footprint and the ability to offer ‘manufacturing as a service’.

Oncite DPS is a production management system that combines core components of digital production into one system with a microservices-based architecture, offering agile production management, industrial IoT as a database and low-code development for application building. Edge computing is used to ensure companies have sovereignty over data processing, company executives say.

“Integration into the network can be crucial so that market players remain competitive and innovate,” adds Meuser.

In early 2020, German Edge Cloud was in the news for launching the Bauhaus.MobilityLab, a project to develop AI-based solutions for sustainable logistics, energy and mobility. The project functions as an incubator to innovate in these areas and enable a transition to more efficient systems.

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