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FogHorn offers edge-based worker safety solution for COVID-19

FogHorn Systems Inc., a developer of edge AI software, has taken its experience in industrial IoT deployments to create a new product line that leverages edge computing to give management real-time insights into worker health.

A safe return to work is requiring a shift in workplace processes and facilities, and FogHorn is offering an answer to the challenge with pre-integrated software. FogHorn’s Lightning Health & Safety Solution (LHSS), takes the company’s real-time analytics capabilities and provides machine learning algorithms that are pre-trained for actions such as temperature detection, cough detection, hand washing monitoring, social distancing monitoring, and mask / facial covering detection. The systems can take feeds from RGB and infrared cameras to determine a person’s temperature to within .25 degrees Celsius, executives said.

The integration of standard models greatly speeds the implementation of monitoring capabilities, but it’s also important to be able to easily tailor the systems to specific needs.

FogHorn LHSS offers a dashboard that allows customization for different industrial environments, meaning that an industrial company that requires hard hats and safety vests can monitor the use of safety equipment while also adding face mask detection, for example. FogHorn’s software can trigger SMS or email alerts of compliance issues, and management can track compliance trends via the dashboard.

FogHorn LHSS Source: FogHorn

One of the challenges for IoT platform vendors is that every industry has a unique set of requirements and challenges. Building a set of repeatable technology and application integrations takes time and money. FogHorn, founded in 2014, closed $25 million in a Series C round of funding in February 2020. FogHorn has raised $72.5 million to date.

Company executives told EdgeIR that they are well on their way to building a product-oriented business model and have significantly decreased systems integration and professional services as a revenue source. Products such as LHSS will help accelerate that shift, particularly as it also enables an extensive list of partners to bring those products to markets more quickly.

Analyst Perspective

“In the current environment, health and safety auditing has become pivotal for every organization to ensure the well-being of its workforce. This unprecedented scale of ubiquitous monitoring will become the new normal and shall only be achieved via an automated and fool-proof solution.”

“FogHorn’s Lightning Health & Safety solution uses real-time edge analytics to solve this exact conundrum for institutions. The solution’s AI capabilities transform live streams from video cameras or other sensor-filled endpoints into highly automated real-time alerts and actionable insights. The solution seamlessly automates the entire process for health, safety, and hazard detection, ensuring the workforces’ well-being.”

Neil Shah, Vice President of Research at Counterpoint Research, in a prepared statement from FogHorn

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