Flex Logix, Microsoft to build a chip development platform for US Department of Defense

Flex Logix, Microsoft to build a chip development platform for US Department of Defense

Flex Logix has been selected to be part of a group of electronics companies build a secure chip development platform for the US Department of Defense (DoD). The group is being led by Microsoft, which brought in Flex Logix, whose eFPGA technology will play a key role in the core technology to be used in the DoD’s Rapid Assured Microelectronics Prototype (RAMP).

The DoD RAMP Project seeks to replace the practices used by the United States Government in custom IC and SoC design (back-end design). Since Flex Logix eFPGA has been used across various tapeout demonstrations, the DoD RAMP Project will utilize this technology to give the capability to make silicon changes.

“Our collaboration with Flex Logix will help to advance flexibility to chip design,” said Mujtaba Hamid, general manager of Silicon, Modeling and Simulation at Microsoft. “The company’s eFPGA technology has demonstrated success in supporting mission-critical applications and we look forward to bringing this capability to support national security priorities.”

Flex Logix eFPGA enables users to reconfigure the tapeout system-on-chips to give the flexibility to the developer to update algorithms or modify functionalities depending on the application and operating conditions.

The company’s EFLX allows the developers to implement eFPGA from a few thousand LUTs (LookUp Tables) to hundreds of thousands of LUTs with efficient performance and density per square millimeter. LUTs are the building blocks of FPGA processing power. The EFLX technology has modular arrays that can be spread out across the chip to integrate all-logic functionality or be heavy-DSP.

“For eFPGA, [security] means providing a means for keeping circuitry secret by programming the eFPGA in a secure environment,” said Geoff Tate, CEO and co-founder at Flex Logix. “We’re honored to be working with Microsoft to bring Flex Logix’s eFPGA technology as part of their Advanced Commercial Capabilities project for the DoD RAMP program.”

Flex Logix recently announced the commercial availability of its EasyVision platform to bring edge compute vision products to markets faster than before. This will bring the company’s edge vision solutions to a wide range of markets, such as robotic vision, industrial, security, and retail analytics.

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