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Fastly offers solution for cyber threats at the edge with new bot management tool

Fastly offers solution for cyber threats at the edge with new bot management tool

Global edge cloud platforms provider Fastly has unveiled a new solution aimed at helping organizations combat automated “bot” attacks at the edge of their networks. According to the company, the launch of Fastly Bot Management focuses on addressing the growing concern of fraud, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, account takeovers, and other forms of online abuse.

Fastly Bot Management leverages the company’s knowledge in bot mitigation and capabilities already present in its Next-Gen Web Application Firewall (WAF).

According to Christopher Rodriguez, research director of security & trust at IDC, as organizations continue to enhance digital experiences at the edge, cyber adversaries are also adapting.

“Fastly’s decision to extend and enhance its bot protection capabilities on the company’s flagship edge cloud platform is both timely and a natural evolution of the company’s overall cybersecurity strategy,” he adds.

Available to all Fastly Edge Cloud platform customers, the solution is designed to protect websites, applications, and valuable data from malicious automated traffic. It classifies non-malicious and malicious bots at the Network Edge and employs various server-side and client-side mitigation techniques.

Kip Compton, chief product officer at Fastly, emphasizes the daily threats posed by bad actors, including bot operators, who seek to disrupt and exploit ecommerce and other internet traffic for fraudulent purposes.

“With Fastly Bot Management as a unified part of our security offerings all powered by Fastly’s Edge Cloud Platform we are helping our customers – especially global e-commerce and media companies – defend against these attacks with our simple-to-use single platform solution that scales to meet their website and application needs and reduces fraud risk and infrastructure costs,” continues Compton.

Additionally, Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF operates in “full blocking mode” for nearly 90% of customers, indicating the trust placed in Fastly’s solutions.

Fastly notes that some benefits of the new solution include: reduced fraud and resource abuse through a multi-layered approach that automatically identifies and stops malicious bots that power fraudulent activity, and a safeguarded customer experience with Fastly’s edge-based solution helps reduce latency.

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