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Fastly, Cloudflare recognized as leaders in edge development by Forrester

Fastly, Cloudflare recognized as leaders in edge development by Forrester

Forrester recently published a report assessing edge development platform providers across 33 criterias to distinguish market leaders, strong performers, contenders, and challengers. According to the report, Cloudflare and Fastly emerged as the leading edge development platform providers due to their current product offerings.

The report explores Cloudflare’s focus on providing improved security while facilitating the development of edge distributed applications through their platform. It highlights how Cloudflare equips developers with security capabilities, ensuring the resilience of applications against a variety of threats.

Cloudflare has made a significant impact in the market, with more than one million developers who rely on their edge development platform for enterprise-level distributed applications. The report suggests that this growth is linked to Cloudflare’s global network of compute, storage, and programmable security, all achieved without necessitating expertise in the CAP theorem.

CAP theorem is a fundamental concept used in distributed computing, aiding understanding the trade-offs and constraints that come with the designing and operating of distributed systems.

A key strength of the platform is the interoperability with Cloudflare’s programmable global content delivery network (CDN) combined with a deployment model that leverages intelligent workload placement, according to the report.

The report also outlines the features and advantages of Fastly’s edge development platform, which is built upon the WebAssembly (Wasm) runtime, focusing on delivering high performance and customized web experience. Developers who use Fastly can leverage a programmable Content Delivery Network with robust security capabilities.

Fastly takes an active role in collaborating with open-source communities to contribute to the evolution of standards, particularly in projects like WebAssembly and WebAssebly System Interface. Additionally, the company’s infrastructure is based on a global network of compute resources, enabling it to equip users with high performance services characterized by minimal latency.

The report notes: “While Fastly has encountered some growing pains reflected in its market presence scores, recent moves have delivered a lot of momentum for the platform’s ubiquity. It has experienced an uptick in compute requests and customer growth, and its acquisition of Glitch has both improved developer messaging and opened up to a community of 2.5 million-plus developers.”

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